Eliminating Odors in Shower Drains

The bad odor emanating from a shower commonly comes from problems inside the pipes; however, this is not always the case. To effectively get rid of the bad odors coming from the shower drain, you must first determine the source of the odor.

Odor of pipes and fixtures

When trying to locate the source of the foul odor of a shower drain, begin with the drain and plumbing. Due to humidity and heat, shower pipes are prone to mold formation, which often appears in visible areas of the shower, such as in the shower head and the plug. Shower tubes are prone to a slime that is formed from the organic matter present in the shower, which is commonly present in the drainage area.

Drain Cleaning and Tube Top

Getting rid of a bad smell from the shower drain is a fairly simple process, although it can be a hand -intensive depending on where the pipes are that the smell is coming from. Begin cleaning the pipes by removing the drain plug and cleaning the plug with a soap and brush. Clean the drain and pipe just inside the leak by lathering with a soapy brush and scrubbing the inside of the drain and pipe. You should let the water run for about a minute to rinse the loose sludge down the drain.

Deeper cleaning in the pipe

When the odor does not subside after cleaning the drain plug, the inside of the manifold and the top of the shower tube, you should go deeper into the pipes. Rent a probe and push it into the drain. This will break up the slime that may have formed deep in the pipes. It also has the ability to hook clogs, breaking and pulling them from the pipes when needed.

Elimination of external odors

If you clean the drainage fittings, inside drain and use a probe deep in the pipes and the odor remains, the odor is not coming from the drain itself. Humidity can dissolve odor-causing substances and make the odor more prominent, which can occur when water runs, making you think that drainage is the source. So if the cleaning does not eliminate the smell, look for external sources. If you cannot find the source of the smell, you should call your local health department to make sure the smell is not coming from the sewers.