How to clean a main pool drain

Numerous pieces make up the main drainage of a swimming pool. Part of your pool maintenance should clean the drain and ensure proper operation. Without this, the main drain can clog or break and prevent your pool from draining or seepage from the water.


  1. Clean main drain cover. Most sinks use a cover to prevent the drain creating a dangerous vortex. The drain traps residues such as leaves and hair entering the main drain.
  2. Remove material x main drain clogs with a clogged. A clogged destroyer is placed over the main drain and creates a seal through the opening while pressurizing the other side. With a choke destroyer, you can flush the sump until the choke is broken or runs the drain. Follow the instructions on the device and repeat the process until the drain is cleared.
  3. Use chemicals to clean the entire pool, including the main drain. Chlorine is the most common chemical used in pool maintenance. You may need to adjust the levels of fading to explosion around the main drain. Avoid swimming until you restore the chemical balance of the pool to the correct pH levels.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hire a professional cleaning company if you do not have experience in cleaning the pool. You cannot try a DIY solution.
  • Some pools have security systems to prevent draining the pool, which you do not have to do unless you have a serious problem.
  • Draining a pool can cause groundwater to a cement pool, or you can lift it in a fiberglass pool.

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