How to Clean a Clogged Bathtub Drain

Soap and hair residue can swirl through the drain of the bathtub, but do not go away on your own. Beneath the drain cover, hair and debris accumulate over time, slow drainage. No one would describe it as fun, but it is easy to solve this problem. The exact remedy depends on the type of drain used in the tub.


Plunger bath drains

  • Remove the screws on the sides of the plate cover surrounding the lever. Carefully pull the entire assembly – cover plate, coupling and plunger – from the inlet to the drain.
  • Throw away the hair or remains of plunger.
  • DIP a vinegar brush wire and used to clean the coupling and plunger.

Pop-up bath drains

  • Lift the lever to open the drain completely. Carefully pull the cap and the rocker arm out of the drain opening. Use a wire brush Wipe the hair or rocker arm rests.
  • Remove the screws on the side of the cover plate and pull the entire assembly, cover, lever and coupling – from the drain.
  • Remove hair or debris trapped in the wire coil at the bottom of the Assembly.

Steps to follow for any type of

  • Run some water down the drain. If the drain does not clear quickly, the drain of the tub is covered. A damp cloth in the drain opening of the material and use a plunger to wipe the line.
  • If sinking does not solve the problem, it is necessary to use a hand drill, sometimes called a “plumber’s snake”. Insert the end of the cable through the overflow at the top and turn the hands clockwise until you feel firm resistance. Crank counterclockwise to remove the cable. Repeat until the drain runs freely.
  • Replace the drain assembly and mount the plate.

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