How to Clean a Bathtub Drain

No matter how much we spend for gussy our bathrooms, or how quiet – we decorate all meet the same fate. In front, some slugs take place in the bathrooms, and although they make us appear as if they are pleasant places, someone should finally reality and clean this small space.

That includes cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning sinks and – worse still – cleaning the drain in the bathtub. While it is not a job that needs to be done every day or two, it should be done systematically. A few simple steps can make this nasty job a bit easier.


  1. Put on rubber gloves before beginning this task. Take the end of the screwdriver and gently slide it under the rim of the round attachment that holds the tub drain in place. Gently pry until you can fit your fingers under the ring and gently pull up.
  2. In some cases, this ring is held by one or two screws. If this is the case, loosen each screw and gently remove the metal ring.
  3. Pull the drain fitting from the drain pipe and located on the underside of the bath. Pour the drain cleaning solution down into the tube, by the indications of the product.
  4. Scrub the drain screen and the round installation, as well as drainage guts, with an old toothbrush and some bathroom cleaning solution. If no cleaning solution is available, mix 1 part ammonia with 3 parts water into a cleaning bucket and use this to scrub off the drain parts.
  5. If soap or lime foam has accumulated and caused small holes in the drain screen to clog, gently prick each hole with a toothpick and continue rubbing with the toothbrush and cleaning.
  6. Rinse remains all parts of the drain with water until no soap residue. Rinse several gallons of water down the drain after waiting for the amount of time specified in the drain cleaning solution instructions.
  7. Reassemble the drain, starting from the drainage installation and ending by attaching the round fitting on the drain screen. Again rinse the area thoroughly with water and dry with paper towels.

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